The iTIP-EZ calculator offers a fun and easy way to calculate your tip for service rendered in restaurants and bars. 

Simply enter the bill in the top field, select the range of tip desired, then move the slider up and down with your finger to narrow it down to your desired tip percentage. You can increase - or decrease - the range of your tip by selecting the "higher " or "lower" buttons to the right. Also you tap the "Round It" button to select the desired field to round to the nearest whole number, this action will change all fields so that your amounts are correct. Note as the level of your tip changes, the medal on the left changes - it can range all the way from "Zero" up to the "Gold Medal" level! Be sure to let your waiter/waitress know if you award them a "Gold Medal" level of service! It's just that easy!

Have fun - and tip well!

iTip - EZ
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